Big Deal Alloy Rims

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BREAKING NEWS in the fat bike world...

Hed's entire line of Big Deal fat rims can now be purchased as a rim-only, for the custom build of your dreams. 

Hed's demanding, discerning, and fat-loving customers have spoken: They love our Big Deal and B.F.D. carbon rims. Nothing else offers the same combination of easy tubeless setup, stiffness, and jaw-dropping weight savings. They're utterly fat-tastic.
In an effort to bring the advantages of Big Deal technology to an even wider audience, our engineers worked hard to apply the same principles to an aluminum platform.
Enter: the Big Aluminum Deal. At 80mm wide, the B.A.D. offers superb fit with all common fat bike tire sizes. It has the same Inflatobam tubeless technology as its carbon brethren - saving over a pound in inner tubes alone. Available as a rim-only, or as a complete wheel set with our new Brick House fat hubs.
  • RIM WIDTH    80mm
  • RIM MATERIAL    6061 Aluminum
  • RIM WEIGHT    630g (26")
  • COLOR    Black, Red, Blue 
  • RIM HOLE COUNT    32
  • DRILL PATTERN    Symmetrical Only
  • DECAL TYPE    Shadow
  • RIM ERD    560mm (26")