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We offer our cassette bodies as spare parts for aftermarket sale.  These are also known as a "freehub body", or just "freehub".  To make a long story short, this is the part that your actual cassette cogs mount to.  Why would you need a new one?  Maybe you're switching from Shimano to Campy.  Or you're upgrading from 9-speed to 11-speed.  Maybe you've ridden your wheels for several hard seasons, and the bearings in your cassette body have worn out.  If this sounds like you, we've got your needs covered.

12mm Axle H3 (2006-2008)
Gold cassette bodies have a smaller 12mm diameter axle. This cassette body was used on most Hed wheels built approximately 2006 through Spring 2008. Spacer position and wheel dish are changed to accommodate the spacing differences from Shimano to Campy.

Part #:

WA026 - Shimano/SRAM 9, 10, 11-speed - H3 ONLY.

15mm Axle, 3-pawl Sonic hub (2009+)
2009-2015 Hed Sonic hubs use a larger 15mm axle to increase stiffness and decrease weight.  These are available in three versions: Campy (9/10/11-speed), Shimano (9/10-speed), and a new Shimano 9/10/11-speed version.  End caps are specific to cassette (Campy or Shimano) configuration.  NOTE: The Shimano 11 version is intended as a replacement cassette body for hubs that were originally sold as 11-speed compatible.  If you want to upgrade an older Hed hub to 11-speed, you will need to look at our 11-speed conversion kit web page.  Note that these hubs have a 3-pawl drive mechanism.

Part #:

WA018 - Shimano/SRAM 9, 10-speed Aluminum 

WA025 - Shimano/SRAM 9, 10-speed Steel

HU651 - Shimano/SRAM 9, 10, 11-speed

WA019 - Campagnolo 9, 10, 11-speed

15mm Axle, 5-pawl 545 and Brickhouse (2016+)
New for 2016, we introduced the 545 rear hub in both standard and disc brake versions.  We also introduced our new Brickhouse fat bike hub set.  Both the 545 and Brickhouse use a new super-durable 5-pawl cassette body, with 15mm axle.  This is available in three versions: Campagnolo 9/10/11-speed, Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11-speed, and SRAM XD Driver.

Part #:

HU105 - Shimano/SRAM 9, 10, 11-speed

CampyBody5 - Campagnolo 9, 10, 11-speed

HU106 - SRAM XD Driver

 Ardennes GP Disc Brake

This wheel takes a special 4-pawl cassette body, which is not used on any other Hed wheels.  The rim brake GP requires the 15mm axle, 3-pawl cassette bodies above.

Part #:

HU652 - Ardennes GP Disc 4 pawl - Shimano/SRAM 9, 10, 11-speed