M30 THRU BB86/BB90/BB92 Bearings

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This is our M30 THRU BB for installing a Praxis M30 THRU crank into a BB86 Road frames, a BB90 MTB frame or BB92 MTB frame.

  • For Praxis LYFT M30 THRU MTB crank
  • Used only for frames that are  BB90 MTB  |  BB92 MTB
  • Unique all in one design in which the bearing outer race is also the outer press fit surface
  • Chromium steel design.
  • Steel Bearings |  30mm Drive & NonDrive bearing
  • Before installing, you must use Praxis frame Gauge to check your frame.
  • BB90 MTB = 89.5mm width X 41mm diameter (*NOT Trek Road BB90!)
  • BB92 MTB = 92mm width X 41mm diameter