Aero Z Bottle + Mount

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TorHans co-developed the AeroZ™ with aerospace aerodynamicists to give the athlete the fastest way to carry fluids. The AeroZ™ allows for multiple straw tubing positions to lay flat on the aero extensions or vertically via an embedded high-strenght magnet at the rear of the bottle. An additional magnet is included to place on the aero extensions. Our innovative XFlow II™ fill-on-the-go cap is fully sealed against spilling and splashing. The AeroZ™ is the only gravity fed hydration system available, eliminating remaining fluids. The AeroZ™ also allows for future compatibility with internal frame bladder hydration systems.

22oz aero bottle (BPA Free) (650ml)
SpeedFlow™ bite valve
XFlow II™ splash proof fill-on-the-go cap
Straw (BPA Free)
Neodymium Magnet Aerobar Straw Mount



The Torhans AeroMount utilizes a vertical dual-channel mounting system to ensure they mesh perfectly with your triathlon or time trial bike. The TorHans® AeroMount™ is adjustable and can accommodate bar widths up to 14cm.

* Required for Aero Z, Aero 30 , Aero 20 bottle

* Easily mounted and secured to your aero bars