INDUSTRY 9 Hydra Enduro 305 32H Wheelset

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You ride everywhere and anywhere. No climb is too long, no descent is too chunky or steep. Strength and reliability are key in your mind, but you gotta get up to get down, so you keep an eye on the weights too… you can have it all with EN305. Double black worthiness that’ll keep gas in the tank for when you need to get in that last lap before sunset.


Size Set Weight Front Weight Rear Weight Rim Weight Inner Rim Width Outer Rim Width
27.5" 1800g 840g 960g 490g 30.5mm 34.10mm
29" 1870g 875g 995g 520g 30.5mm 34.10mm

Tire Width Tire Type Rider Weight
2.3-2.8 Tubeless or Tube-Type Clincher 250lbs/113kg max