INDUSTRY 9 Ultralite 235CX TL Disk Alloy Wheelset

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When riding fast on mixed terrain or the cyclocross course, reach for the wheelset that combines the best of both worlds - speed and off-road readiness. Our svelte aero-minded road chassis paired with the XC racing pedigree of our UL235 rim gives you all the speed and compliance you could want, but is ready for knobby rubber to keep you planted on any surface you find.v


Size Set Weight Front Weight Rear Weight Rim Weight Inner Rim Width Outer Rim Width
700c 1395g 635g 760g 380g 23.5mm 27.00mm
650b 1310g 590g 720g 355g 23.5mm 27.00mm

Tire Width Tire Type Rider Weight
40-55 (650b) / 33-55 (700c) Tubeless or Tube-Type Clincher 210lbs/95kg max