INDUSTRY 9 Ultralite 235CX TRA Disk Alloy Wheelset

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If it looks like an i9 mountain wheel, rides like an i9 mountain wheel, but is mounted on your drop bar bike, it’s got to be UL235 TRA. All the hallmarks of our mountain wheels, including precise ride quality courtesy of direct thread aluminum spokes and full custom color options are featured in UL235 TRA, but in a package optimized and conceived for drop bar bikes. Mount up a pair and you might find yourself opting for the singletrack shortcuts you once avoided...v


Size Set Weight Front Weight Rear Weight Rim Weight Inner Rim Width Outer Rim Width
700c 1425g 650g 775g 380g 23.5mm 27.00mm
650b 1340g 605g 735g 355g 23.5mm 27.00mm

Tire Width Tire Type Rider Weight
40-55 (650b) / 33-55 (700c) Tubeless or Tube-Type Clincher 220lbs/100kg max