BUZZ Road Chainrings 110BCD & 130BCD

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COLD FORGED – All of our road chainrings are created with our proprietary forging process which allows us to manipulate the ring shape and tooth profile more than ever before. With our “One-Shot” forging we are able to increase the amount of shifting features on a chainring which normal CNC manufacturing won’t allow. The process also creates a harder and tougher tooth surface for durability. Individual tooth profiles, alternating tooth angles, timed ramps and tactically placed shift elevators are all jam packed onto a Praxis ring. Translation: All of these small aggregate features add up to the most durable and consistent shifting rings ever produced for cyclists.

LEVATIME™ – Our LevaTime™ shifting is the product of years of relentless testing and tweaking. The final result is a set of some of the finest and fastest-shifting rings available. With a LevaTime™ ring, several shift pins are placed strategically at points on the ring to provide a perfectly timed lift. Synchronized ramps are tuned with a specific inner ring, providing a clean channel for the chain to move upwards. Each individual tooth is sculpted to handle a specific duty. Along with that, precisely located scallops help control chain movement and prevent chain suck.

  • Introducing our all new “Buzz” chain ring sets.   These were designed specifically to be compatible with road cranks that are both 5-arm AND 4-arm w/hidden 5th. The rings continue with our cold forging and LevaTime shifting technology.  
    • Updated “Buzz” design for both traditional 5-arm AND 4-arm w/hidden 5th (SRAM Exogram.)
    • Now including long and short threaded catch pins.
    • Cold Forged and Hard Anodized 7075-T6 Aluminum
    • Work with Shimano™ 10/11, Campy 10/11, SRAM 10/11 drivetrains
    • We highly suggest KMC, Shimano™, or Campy chains
    • Not compatible with Campy cranks as they have proprietary bolt pattern.
    • GREAT for use with Di2, EPS, or eTap shifting systems
    • InfoCrank, Power2Max, SRM, and Quarq power meter compatible