Moots Cinch Post Straight 27.2 x 340 Enve Top
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Moots Cinch Post Straight 27.2 x 340 Enve Top

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We offer a solution for customers looking to run saddles with over-sized carbon rails. Utilizing the clamping components from Enve along with our titanium post we give you the Moots carbon compatible seat post. The seat post head is machined in house to mate perfectly with the Enve internals which will hold your carbon rails tightly. Welded construction for superior strength to weight ratio. 3/2.5 CWSR tubing drawn to exact size for better strength than ground or turned tubing. Layback posts offer 19mm of layback for 27.2 posts and 15mm of layback for 30.9 posts. Straight posts have 5mm of layback Please closely follow Enve's instructions *Our Classic Cinch Post design will provide superior clamping force over the Enve design.

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