Praxis Carbon E- Bike Cranks

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With e-bike use around the globe booming, we recognized a huge need for high-end lightweight carbon e-crank arms. With the wide variety of motors out there, we also knew that we’d need an assortment of crank designs to fit all the different bikes. So, with the goal to bring Praxis high-performance to the world of e-bikes, we’ve launched a full line of carbon e-cranks for many of the industry’s most well known motors.

These carbon e-cranks are compatible with the following…
– BOSCH Gen2/4 “Performance Line” motor with ISIS spindle.
– Yamaha PW-X motors with ISIS spindle
– Giant SyncDrive Pro by Yamaha motors with ISIS spindle
See spec below.

  • L & R Carbon Arms | 165 / 170 / 172.5 
  • MTN or Road use | Alloy main crank bolt with self-extractor
  • For BOSCH Gen2/4 “Performance Line” motors with ISIS spindle.
  • For Yamaha PW-X motor & Giant SyncDrive Pro by Yamaha with ISIS spindle
  • Weight  375g +/-
  • Q-factor : BOSCH 180mm  |  Yamaha 170mm
  • Rubber protective boots / Adhesive scuff guard included